Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cheep diapers at RiteAid

OK coupon moms this is a great week to stock up on diapers at Rite Aid. I have heard that Kimberly Clark is planing on raising prices in the near future so stock up while you can. ( If you plan on purchasing a lot of any one thing, make sure to call your favorite Rite Aid and ask the manager to order you a few so that there are plenty for everyone.
So the promo running at Rite Aid right now is this:
Spend $40 on these Kimberly Clark items and you'll receive a $10 +up.

Depends $11.99
Kotex pads or U by Kotex 2/$7
Scott Bath Tissue $7.49
Huggies Jumbo pack Diapers, Pull ups, or Goodnights $8.99
Kleenex Facial Tissue or Conttonelle Moist Wipes 2/$4
Cottonelle Bath Tissue 2/$5

If you are stocking up on diapers, you will need to purchase 5 packages total to get over $40.
Below are some scenarios that will work. Don't worry, if you use your Rite Aid loyalty card it will keep track of your transactions so you don't have to do all of it in one transaction, you can roll your up rewards.

Transaction #1
Buy 5 Huggies Jumbo packs at $8.99
-use 5 $1.50 Blinkie's found by diapers
Total: $37.50 and receive a $10 +up ($5.59 a pack after +up)

Transaction #2
Buy 5 Huggies Jumbo packs at $8.99
Total: $34.95 and receive a $10 +up ($4.99 a pack after +up)

The great thing about this sale is if you go to you can watch a few comercials and print a additional $2 off $10 this will only sweeten the deal.
 Good luck

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